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Morocco is a geographically diverse country perched on the Northwest corner of Africa, with a coastline that stretches 2,200 miles from the Mediterranean to the Atlantic Ocean. Morocco’s interior is occupied by a series of mountain ranges, beginning with the Rif Mountains in the North. The Middle Atlas range is situated between the Rif to the North and the High Atlas Mountains to the South. The Sahara Desert flanks the southernmost mountains, known as the anti-Atlas range, which stretch westward to the Atlantic coast.

Morocco’s strategic position attracted trade and settlers from ancient Mediterranean civilizations such as Carthage, Rome, and Phoenicia, and Morocco also served as a gateway to key trade routes bringing salt, gold, and other commodities north from the prosperous African empires south of the Sahara.

Morocco’s climate varies quite a bit depending on location and time of year. The desert is generally hot and dry during the day, but nighttime temperatures can be quite chilly. The mountains are refreshingly cool in summer, but snowfall closes some of the higher mountain passes in the winter. The coastal climate is temperate, similar to California.

The three pillars of Morocco’s economy are phosphate export, tourism, and agriculture. There is also significant fishing activity off both the Atlantic and Mediterranean coasts, and much of Morocco’s fish and agricultural produce are exported to Europe. Livestock remain an important source of income for rural people, who raise sheep, goats, poultry, rabbits, cattle, and camels. Much of this livestock is still raised by traditional methods, and you’ll see herds of sheep roaming through the countryside as they forage for food. On the road to the coastal town of Essaouira, you may see goats climbing argan trees to get the tasty fruit. The oil from argan trees is called the “liquid gold of Morocco,” and it is used in both cooking and in cosmetic products.










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