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Frequently Asked Questions for Dar Morocco Travel customers:

Is Morocco safe?
Morocco is a very safe country. Tourism is an important segment of the Moroccan economy, and the government is very serious about maintaining security for travelers. In larger cities, travelers should be careful to guard against pickpockets and should not leave bags unattended. Your Dar Morocco Travel driver will answer any questions you have about personal safety.

Do I need a visa?
Americans do not need a visa to travel to Morocco for a stay of less than three months.

What should I pack?
Bring comfortable clothes and shoes, as you will be doing some walking in the cities.
We recommend a hat that will protect you from the sun, and a light jacket or fleece as it will get chilly at night, especially in the desert. Women do not need to cover their heads, and jeans are fine for both men and women. Some of the rooms in riads (hotels in the old cities) have lovely romantic lighting, but if you prefer to read in your room, you may want to bring a book light. Don’t forget your camera!

Will my American electrical items work in Morocco?
Moroccan electrical outlets use 220 volts, so you will need a converter to use American electrical items. Morocco uses the same electrical system as France, so if you have a converter that will work in France, it will work during your tour in Morocco.

Will I have email access?
Morocco is an increasingly wired country, and there are plenty of cybercafes to choose from. Many hotels also offer internet access for an additional fee, although the local cyber cafes are less expensive (and more interesting), typically offering an hour of access for about $1.

What should I know about money in Morocco?
The Moroccan currency is the Dirham. Travelers can change money in airports and most banks, but many Moroccan ATMs will accept American bankcards for a small fee. Travelers can use American credit cards in restaurants and some stores in Morocco, but be aware that your credit card provider will likely charge a transaction fee.

Who should I tip?
It is customary to tip for good service in Morocco, as you would at home.
Tourism is a key pillar in Morocco’s economy, and many people depend on tips to supplement their wages, but you should not feel pressured to tip anyone if you are not satisfied with the service you have received.

How should I stay healthy while traveling?
The food you will eat in Morocco is safe and well prepared, and Dar Morocco Travel will only take you to restaurants that we know to be up to our exacting standards. Travelers who have experienced stomach troubles on other trips are advised to drink only bottled water or sodas and avoid raw cut vegetables.

Because the climate in Morocco can be hot and dry, it is important to drink enough water to avoid dehydration. Travelers should bring sunscreen, hand sanitizer, and a prescription for any doctor-prescribed medications. Although there are pharmacies in every Moroccan town that carry European brands of over-the-counter cold, allergy, and pain medications, travelers may wish to bring small quantities of familiar brands from home.


Finally, driving habits in Morocco are somewhat less predictable than those in the United States, so travelers are advised to exercise care when walking around cities during their free time.


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